Nebula and Gamora: adopted sisters, daughters of Thanos.

Black Widow #6 (2014, Phil Noto)


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"You almost ruined everything. Your school will now have new mutants students. Thanks to me. And you just hope whoever writes your history skims over how the headmaster almost doomed the entire species when he tried to kill Hope. Imagine if you succeeded. There are people who get to judge me, Logan. I don’t think you’re among them. Thought that’s your here, right? Judge and jury and… I know how Jean felt now. More than ever. I understand her. Even better than before. In a way you never will[…] I’m a dead weight now. I’ve done everything I can do. I die now, and I’m a Martyr. And in a few years, some rebellious little kid is going to turn up at your school with me on his T-shirt. "Cyclops was right"."

Ming-Na Wen, Elizabeth Henstridge, Hayley Atwell and Chloe Bennet at San Diego Comic-Con


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Hayley Atwell attends “Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” & “Marvel’s Agent Carter” during Comic-Con International 2014 on July 25, 2014